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She Yan 妍 2020

Photo Series

In 2020, I returned back to China, and start to explore Chinese art. I decided to explore more about my Chinese identity as well as my art and how it relates to ancient Chinese culture.  My work is a tracing of historical and ancient Chinese art through the lenses of contemporary media such as fashion photography.

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Yuan ma, <Blossom>           

Nan Song Dynasty

This project is a reproduced photo series by personalized a painting by Yuan Ma in Nan Song Dynasty Which is shown on the right in the slide . The poem in the painting is written by a Knowledgeable queen Yang which basically express the beauty of the Blossom. But behind the beauty, I found more about the talent of woman that often ignored by others at that time, just like a blossom that people can only see the beauty.  

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She Wu 妩 2020

Photo Series


This photo serie continues the idea of personalize ancient Chinese artwork into a series photo of woman body movements.

The Five Colored Fish Jar is from Ming Dynasty, composing with the peaceful goldfishes playing around with lotus, water plants, duckweeds. 

Imitating the status of goldfish, I capture the dynamic of woman body and clothing floating in the water, and interacting with the goldfish, to show the beauty of softness and harmony.  Visually, I represent the color plate and the shape to my photo serie. 

<The Five Colored Fish Jar>    

Ming Dynasty 

Video About

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 My current projects continue the concept, using the traditional materials such as porcelain and ink to explore the space in between clothing and sculptures.

Reunion Series Work 2021

Porcelain, red string weaved Chinese knot 


The sculpture series “Reunion” is her first practice of using the traditional materials, weaving the red strings into several Chinese knot to compose with the broken porcelain. The Chinese knots are always used for the decoration during the New Year, and it means happiness and reunion. The word “union” means much more important as long as she grow up. The loneliness seems become the normalcy for people who had the experience of staying outside the hometown during the new year. The broken porcelain is her reflection of her own life, and her work is the representation of the wishes of reunion. 

Untitled  2021

Porcelain, White silk 


This project is composing with broken ceramic pieces and white silk strips. Based on the idea of combination of traditional materials and modern fashion fabric, I create a woman vest, showing the beauty of imperfectness and brokenness. The sharp of broken edges create a distinct contrast with the softness of fabric, showing different aspects of woman characteristics. The outward sharp edges can be also read as the protective armor for woman body. 

Lily  2019

Performance Video

Sharing the same thesis of exploring my identity as a Chinese woman, the performance in 2019 reflects my past condition. Just like most of Chinese woman, we occasionally feel desperate of the current condition of life, stucking with the reality, feeling the powerlessness.